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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by dd24
That Lakers team that lost to Dallas was not the same squad. No Howard, Nash, and the bench looked a lot different. You really can't compare that season to what is happening now. I think much of the Lakers nation would be happy if they were to hire a different coach. Realistically, we know it won't happen this season. I really don't see how you could stick up for 'antoni like he's doing even a decent job. It is very obvious his system is not meant for this team, and he isn't willing to adjust enough to work to this teams strengths.

I don't like D'Antoni and Im sure most fans here don't like him too but when some fans constantly rips him, maybe some get annoyed and find themselves defending him. Re: him not willing to adjust enough, Jeff Van Gundy mentioned this am at Cowherd show that Mike has made adjustments esp slowing the pace down which I think has helped them have some success vs the Nets and OKC.
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