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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
I don't like D'Antoni and Im sure most fans here don't like him too but when some fans constantly rips him, maybe some get annoyed and find themselves defending him. Re: him not willing to adjust enough, Jeff Van Gundy mentioned this am at Cowherd show that Mike has made adjustments esp slowing the pace down which I think has helped them have some success vs the Nets and OKC.

I did hear that Van Gundy interview on Cowherd. I agree he has slowed it down some. I've heard a few others on there mention some things like this too, so there's a lot of people who watch basketball that see that 'antoni just isn't making the right adjustments. I think antoni needs to take a few pages from Popovich's book. They've got an aging team. Sure it's probably built more for the regular season than the post season, but he's still working with his players strengths. When the older guys are hurt, he adjusts to what the younger guys can do. To me, it just makes sense that if San Antonio can win then the Lakers should be able to do the same. The main difference is the front office there is much more stable and they have a better coach.
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