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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
I find DK to be both smart ( I think he knows what he's talking about most of the time) when he is being objective and not emotional.
and yes also irritating and annoying when he goes into his occasional rants like calling coaches clowns, moron stupid and yes, proclaiming that he is so knowledgeable than any of us.
But I find it interesting that you compared him to Dave Miller who I felt was more objective and civil esp duing his post Laker games. When fans unfairly criticized the coach, Coach Miller, I felt was very objective with his analysis and gave Brown last year, a lot of benefit and didn't just second guessed him. For me, Magic Johnson was the worst of them all. I mean this Icon is very emotional every game he sees.
One game, Rondo plays great, Magic would proclaim him as the best PG in the league, Lebron plays great, and James is the best player ever etc.

Fair enough post Tam.

I get emotional because:

#1 I have been a Lakers fan since their first game in LA in 1960....yeah, I was there and we had season tickets at the Sports Arena.

#2 If there is 1 thing I cannot stand, it's bad coaching. It's freaking pathetic to me that there are guys pretending to be NBA level coaches but don't have a freaking clue as to what they are doing.

#3 (sorry, I'm old) on ISH cannot comprehend that there is anyone who knows more about the game than they do. That IMO is childish and laughable. I don't care who you are nor what you will ever do in life but someone will always know more than you do about something....that is just a fact of life. There is absolutely no question on earth that I have more knowledge about the game than anyone on here....that is not meant as an offense....I'm twice as old as anyone else on here, I played competitively and have been coaching with tremendous success for longer than most on here have been alive. I am very involved with people currently in the NBA coaching ranks and a ton of former players as I have been for over 40 years. I had the great fortune to have had daily conversations with NBA legendary coaches and players......I refrain from name dropping, I will say that this includes all but about 7-8 players to ever wear a Los Angeles Lakers uniform. So, I had a great opportunity to learn a ton. My opinions expressed on here reflect the exact sentiments of the NBA community that I am associated it is not just merely my opinion alone. When I hear some things on here which are so ridiculous I initially try to bite my tongue, but the teacher of the game in me gets the best of me.

Now in regard to Magic guys need to understand HOW the media game is played, it is theater, you get ahead and stay relevant by being controversial. If you guys ever listen to Colin Cowherd you will hear him say it point blank, he doesn't care if you love him or hate him because either way it drives the conversation. The danger in media is if you put viewers or listeners in the unemotional state of make them angry by blasting a player or make them happy by calling a player the best.......either way it drives the conversation.
I call Skip Bayless the smartest man on television, he says the most ridiculous things possible, he makes people mad, every single person either hates him or loves him, he is ratings GOLD......truth is that he doesn't believe anything he says, he's just playing a role.....all those debates you watch are practiced in meetings the day before and morning of the show, if you listen, they sometimes make mention of those meetings. ESPN cannot have their anchors agree on an issue, it would be boring.......get it, it's all a scam and we are supposed to be the suckers.

Add this; The tv guys have earphones in and producers are constantly telling them things to say and giving instructions, not to mention the video prompters, they are not just up there speaking off the cuff, the show is being produced....this includes live announcers during games. Most people have absolutely no idea about this stuff.

FYI, 99.9% of the Kardashians shows are phony and pre-scripted.....including the clothing they wear and their hair styles. They look and act entirely different when not filming.

Very few people know the depths of what TV has turned into.

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