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Default Re: Lakers try to put drama behind them as they return from long trip

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I completely hear you on this. The problem is that these highest level recruits get to call their own shots, they TELL the coach they will only go to their college if they get to do things their own way. They only care about their stats and being showcased to be a lottery they are no longer being taught anything in that 1 year and even 2 years wouldn't change that. Notice that you see guys leaving Duke, North Carolina and other major programs if they don't get their way, this didn't happen in the past. I blame ESPN for making it all about individual play and over hyping high school recruits.
I'm dealing now with a ton of high school kids, high level players who are Juniors, and their parents who are already making demands to top colleges.

True, but it also depends on the college coach. What Calipari did last year with all those top recruits was amazing. They were unselfish, bought into the system, and played together. It would've been easy for a guy like Davis to complain about not getting the ball enough. He wasn't the guy who took the most shots on the team. I'm a Big 10 guy, and I look at teams like Michigan & Indiana and see those guys actually playing together too. What Izzo has done with MSU has always been amazing. But of course there's some coaches who are the opposite. They just promise the kids whatever they want and it's just a one & done thing. Two years in college would be better at getting that out of the game.

The High School grassroots game is so corrupt it's not even funny, when it comes to top recruits. Those kids are getting paid in high school to go to certain schools and play on certain AAU teams with other good players. It's amazing how those shoe companies like to try to brainwash kids starting about when they reach the 7th grade. Read the book "Play Their Hearts Out". It's about grassroots basketball and has a strong focus on what happens here in SoCal. Very interesting.
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