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Originally Posted by boozehound
and they are well exploited, no doubt. I live in an area where all of them are in heavy extraction. they just approved the first tarsands in the US, under obama, so whats the problem? There has been massive development of natural gas across the US under obama so, again, whats the problem? That we arent raping our public lands to the extreme to do so? The BLM's stated mission is to sustain the health, diversity and productivity of the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations, as well as support multiple use of public lands.

This is just a random section of the uinta basin here in utah. Each of those is a well pad. Yet we arent exploiting our public lands enough?

(not directed at hawker, just the people acting like we dont exploit our domestic energy resources).

I's just an exaggeration by the republicans. Even though I work in O&G, I can't argue against alternative energy but I believe government shouldn't be involved in determining what the solution should be.

And btw, I know you like to use that map and exaggerate the prescence of well pads but it's hardly noticeable driving around. Search Bakersfield cymric field or belridge field if you want to see really bad. And you can't use one section of uintah basin and generalize it across the entire USA.

Vernal is a shit hole though. Sorry if you live there. Or Roosevelt.

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