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Originally Posted by Balla_Status
I's just an exaggeration by the republicans. Even though I work in O&G, I can't argue against alternative energy but I believe government shouldn't be involved in determining what the solution should be.

And btw, I know you like to use that map and exaggerate the prescence of well pads but it's hardly noticeable driving around. Search Bakersfield cymric field or belridge field if you want to see really bad. And you can't use one section of uintah basin and generalize it across the entire USA.

Vernal is a shit hole though. Sorry if you live there. Or Roosevelt.
I am not generalizing for the entire US, simply for our public lands (mostly in the west and the majority controlled by BLM). the entire basin is pretty much like that, and its definitely noticeable driving around. I really did, just go to google maps and zoom in on a random section. Its not the end of the world (I would rather the wells than the coal plants), but its basically been a push of public lands (with their bullshit multiple use mantra) towards one use. Thankfully, I do not live there, but I think the basin is quite beautiful.
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