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Default Re: -StroShow's Daily Poster Thread 2012/13-

Originally Posted by StroShow4
Eh... I dunno man. Reverse alley-ooping is flair. Dunking off the backboard is flair. Spinning a 360 and dunking on a dude in transition is flair. Blake is a power dunker, sure, but he's plenty spectacular.

Trust me.. I'm a Clippers fan bro.. I know how great of a dunker Blake is. I know you stay up on dunks but you haven't watched every single play of Blake's career, I have. It's just one of my favorite dunks of his career. I feel it has a place in the top 10 depending on what you like. Most of his dunks he does nothing and occasionally stares. This one he gorilla flexed and showed some swag after.

A huge reason of why Shawn Kemp the GOAT level dunker to a lot of people is that flair. That showmanship. It was the ONLY dunk in Blake's career where I've seen him hang after a 1 handed power dunk and almost celebrate a dunk. It was just so fluid.
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