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Default Re: -StroShow's Daily Poster Thread 2012/13-

Originally Posted by Graviton
The sweetest part about that Blake dunk was how he still had enough power to jam it after changing hands and the way he grabbed the rim was special. How the iron rebounded showed you his strength.

I would love to see Lebron guard Blake in the post, I think he would bully James like no one ever has.

Yup... the whole support system shook like crazy in a way I may have never seen since the backboard support changes, from a 1 handed dunk. Blake and Lebron have went H2H a bit and it goes as would be expected. Lebron is too fast and blows by Griffin at will.. but Griffin is too strong for Lebron and Lebron ends up fouling.

Blake is stronger though no doubt. The only player I've seen Blake not able to overpower in the paint at times has been Chuck Hayes who's impossible to move and I think Enes Kanter pretty much stopped him dead in his tracks when trying to back him down. Nothing to be ashamed of those guys are strong as fu**.
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