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Default Re: Lakers try to put drama behind them as they return from long trip

Originally Posted by dd24
This is exactly why I like that athletes need to spend a year in college. It should really be two. There's so many guys who come into college with a ton of hype and then their weaknesses are shown. Even this year, look at Nerlens Noel. He was hyped as the next Anthony Davis. He definitely isn't on that level. He has a lot of work to do.

As for the Lakers putting the drama behind them, I'm not sure it will happen. This coach doesn't have the ability to manage these types of egos. The media around the Lakers is unlike anything he's ever dealt with, even in NY. As long as this team is mediocre there's going to be a lot of drama and press attention.

One of the things that Phil Jackson spoiled us on was how he handled situations without putting his foot too deep into issues.

When problems happened, he simply went back to the X's and O's. On holidays, he gave players books. He did whatever he needed to do to get his players motivated. He never solved Shaq and Kobe's problems, but he kinda swept it under the rug for a little bit and got them focused enough for a little bit.

As far as the drama nowadays, what can D'Antoni do? He can't tell Kobe to shut up. Kobe will quickly turn on him and not give it his best. He can't tell Dwight to Man up. Dwight will leave los angeles.

D'Antoni is in a tricky situation simply because he's in a situation where he not only has to win, but he has to keep everyone happy.

Phil Jackson's book "the last season" explains a lot of what happened when he had to deal with Kobe. There was no right answer. There wasn't any answer really. He had to be creative about it. Mike Brown had to kiss Kobe's ass to the point of letting him coach when Kobe was sitting out.

What does anyone do in that situation?
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