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Default Re: Jeff Berwick -Get Far Away From The U.S... Collapse Will Be Messy

When the dollar loses its value, US goods become really attractive all over the world and exports of our goods and services go way up.

I just started to watch the first two minutes of the video and the guy takes a joke from Paul Krugman and misunderstands it. Then he talks about the trillion dollar coin which was 100% about the debt ceiling and nothing at all about the economy and completely misunderstands that.

Berwick has been a regular contributor to editorials on the StockHouse websites from 1995 to present and contributes to numerous popular libertarian and finance sites including and writes a libertarian, Austrian economics focused financial newsletter called The Dollar Vigilante.[3] He is the host of Anarchast,[4] an anarcho-capitalist video and audio podcast show. He is also a regular speaker at international investing, finance and liberty conferences including Libertopia,[5] FreedomFest,[6] New York Hard Assets Show,[7] PDAC[8] and the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.[9]. He also is the founder of global citizenship and passport services company, TDV Passports and founder of a libertarian expat community near Santiago, Chile called Galt's Gulch Chile

You can see by his beliefs that he wants governments to fall to justify his worldview. There has been a real world experiment going for the past 5 years. Guys who hold this hard-currency view like Berwick have told us that the Fed's policies should be inflationary, that we should be having massive inflation in the US and the US should be finding it hard to borrow. The exact opposite has occurred. I bet if you go back through Berwick's editorials you'll find he has been predicting collapse in 2009, collapse in 2010, collapse in 2011, etc.

Berwick also describes himself as a "Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. "
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