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Default Re: Jeff Berwick -Get Far Away From The U.S... Collapse Will Be Messy

Originally Posted by ZenMaster
You don't understand.

The situation in the US is not the same as in Zimbabwe right now, but IF/WHEN an economic collapse would have happened the situation would be the same as the dollar would be worth basically nothing. And in that situation you would not be able to pay for goods and settle debts in US dollars all over the world.

This guy is not saying IF. He's convince himself that the US is on the road to Zimbabwe. Which is a way of saying he hasn't actually studied economics, he's only studied the branch of economics, he agrees with, Austrian Economics where it's always 1923 in Germany and where it's always Zimbabwe all the time. Even among Austerians and goldbugs this guy Berwick is a clown.
Let’s take the US as example. I consider the US to be what I call a Fasco-Communist Police State.

Look if you believe this guy that very soon US dollars will be worth they paper they are printed on, I will sign a contract with you right now to take all your dollars off your hands at three times the paper price at any time in the next ten years.
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