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Default Re: 2013 NFL Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by StateProperty
Weird draft.

Geno Smith can be the 1st pick or by some reports not even a 1st rounder. Same goes for Glennon and Barkley...anywhere from top 10 to 2nd rounder.

How many teams even are desperate for a QB after last year's rookie explosion? Chiefs and...

I mean Jacksonville, Oakland, Arizona, Cleveland, Buffalo, NYJ....but they're all in the top 9 picks. And Buffalo is the only team I seeing using a pick on a QB that early. If the QB's slip by them they're likely 2nd rounders.
I think what will happen is that teams in need of a QB definitely will not use their top 10 pick on a QB, but I think those teams will trade up into the late first round to select a QB.
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