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Default Re: Massive manhunt in L.A. For Christopher Dorner

Originally Posted by Nanners
thanks for the image, i doubt anybody on ISH knows what a badge holder looks like

you ignored the second half of my post- how/why does dorner have a badge in the first place? he was fired from the LAPD years ago, police agencies are required to confiscate things like badges and police ID when they fire someone.

unless he was carrying around a fake badge (certainly a possibility), it doesnt make sense for him to have a badge or a badge holder.

Police in San Diego say a man who could have been Dorner tried to hijack a boat there on Wednesday. Someone later found a wallet containing Dorner's identification and an LAPD detective's badge near the San Diego airport, according to police. It was unclear whether the badge was legitimate.

He was never close to being a detective
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