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Default Re: Should Lakers try to make moves before trade deadline?

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
If the lakers want to have a chance this season, (which is bleak, but still existent) they need to locate the problem right now, and do away with that. Otherwise this season can already be deemed as an official failure by the players, management, and the coach. I still have not accepted the fact that this season is a failure.

If we go on a ten game winning streak, suddenly we're not only in the playoffs, but close to the other top teams. We've gone 17-1 with Phil Jackson in his last season after there were problems early on. An 8th place Houston Rockets team won the championship. This is why as a fan, I will continue to seek the problem, and hopefully raise an army to solve it immediately.

Oh......I've located the problem
And because of that we can't expect a 10 game streak and 17-1????
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