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Default Re: My beef with you!

Originally Posted by franchize
This is my beef with some of you guys. You know you all are my homies but I have big problem with the lack of consistency with your criticisms. Some of you lick your chops for Melo, Amare, Felton and JR to have bad games so you can dig in. Fine But where's the outrage with the fact that Jason Kidd hs become the worst starting guard in the NBA? This guy should be getting ripped every single game. Seems like NOBODY says ANYTHING. This guy is TERRIBLE. 6 games of ZERO points in 2013. He's only taken 4 free-throws all yea. He's shooting 23% from the field. 20% from 3. Are you kidding me? How are people not all over this guy? Where's that bitchmade Mike Breen at now? This guy is killing us. You cannot play 28 minutes a game and give us nothing. It's not like he's defending well. He's getting murdered on D too. Might as well play Brewer. Im just not getting what in the hell this guy contributes. And what pisses me off even more is that I TOLD YOU WOULD HAPPEN!!!
pun intended ?

I thought Kidd would be a nice backup but I never expected him to start and play 30 minutes.
Even though he played great early in the season he's been playing like shit lately. He's been our worst starter by far. He doesn't do anything. The only thing that's somewhat saving him is that he doesn't do many things wrong.

We really need to make a trade because we're starting to look like a borderline playoff team. 8th seed or so. With the current roster I'm not even sure we're going to get past the 1st round.

I've heard some rumors that the Knicks are trying to get Luke Ridnour from Minnesota. He would be a nice addition.
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