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Default Nets one-quarter collapse phenomenon

Well just like It's a VC3 pointed out, about more than half of Nets losses this season were resulted from poor play in one particular quarter. It can happen at anytime in 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter, though recently it occurs mostly in the 2nd and sometimes around the 3rd. The team gets crushed by 15-20pts margin in that disastrous quarter, and they end up losing games despite outscoring the opponents in the rest of the game.

The issue with this team is, well, there is not a player who can stand up and stop the bleeding. NBA teams are all capable of initiating runs, the Nets just aint good at stopping it once the opposing teams get it started. Poor leadership maybe, but sure the Nets lack a goto guy at this point. The players just stare at each other speechlessly, and no one is able and willing to take the responsibility to be a savior. Deron is supposedly this type of guy on our team, and apparently he hasnt been doing this. Joe Johnson gets isoball at times, but you know he aint that good enough to be a goto guy. The Nets actually are a good fit for him, 'cause Joe Johnson really is not a leader material.

So how do we fix this problem? I dunno, the answer ultimately lies in Deron Williams. If he is able to fully heal during the offseason and come back like Melo did this season, we'd be right back on track. Otherwise it will be a disappointing season again next year. I wont call this season a failure so long as they make playoffs and take it to at least 6 games in 1st round, but I doubt how much patient the owner has with this team if its all the same crap next year.

We can make some trades to get better, Humphries expiring contract is enticing but let's not be way too optimistic about this. Remember what happened during Dwightmare?
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