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Default Re: My beef with you!

Originally Posted by Clutch
That's Woodson's fault. Let's not act like we don't have a power forward who's good enough to start.
We have Amare but Woodson is the one who wants him come off the bench and play Melo at the 4.

Some good news:
Al Iannazzone ‏@Al_Iannazzone
Woodson said he might consider a lineup change because of all the slow starts. Kidd could go to the bench.
O I totally agree. But as a GM, if you see Woody wants to keep Amare coming off the bench, you need to bring in someone who is at least decent enough to start the a Lavoy Allen type guy.

Remember when we all ripped on the J Kidd signing?
ALL? I remember me, you and 1 or 2 others. I think a lot of people were in support of it actually. I also remember people pounding their chest when he started off the year well. I vividly remember a certain someone thread bump with glee lmao.

Sorry but the issues ain't just Kidd.

You're right. I'm not saying he is, but he's definitely been our weakest link. When Brewer started stinking it up, we benched him. So when Kidd does the same, it needs to happen. We don't owe him anything.

I completely forgot Marcus Camby was on the team.
said Mike Woodson You wouldn't believe how many people at the Wizards vs Knicks game I went to were saying that in the stands. To make matters worse, they were mostly Knicks fans.

As far as I know Kidd was never supposed to be a starter in the first place
He was supposed to be the back up point guard to Lin, but then we decided to not resign him
That's what they SAID. Not to sound like Nostradamus or anything, but in the summer time, I told you guys Kidd would be starting at the 2. I knew it. I said if you think for one minute Jason Kidd will just sit back like Mike Bibby and come off the bench gracefully, you're bugging.
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