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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by B-Low
Cain/Bigfoot 1 quote Chappelle Show that was one of the most spectacular ass whoopings ever caught on tape.

You mean the fight where Bigfoot was in no trouble at all till that weak/average elbow cut him and the blood pouring into Bigfoots eyes blinded him to the point where an sane referre would have called the fight due to cut before Bigfoot got killed due to no be able to see a single strike coming at him. That was a joke that was some of the worst refing I have ever seen, how can a figher protect himself blind? The refs are meant to protect the fighters Bigfoot never got a fair fight.

In saying that in a rematch Cain would win due to cardio and the fact Bigfoot has never really subbed anyone off his back and you know Cain would be throwing him around everywhere. But the only reason the first fight so an "ass whopping" is cause of the blood, total joke it was not stopped. I rather have my knees/hamstring/ankles blow out than fight blind
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