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Default Re: My beef with you!

I think we all thought Kidd would be a backup, having him start was definitely something i never wanted to see from the start, and expected him to play no more than 20 off the bench (post #59).....Kidd starting is all on Woodson, so I'd think it's best to take the issue with him.

From the start of the season I've blamed the quality of the roster squarely on the top three salaries and never budged.

I'd love to see the back tracker in good fun...

post # 40.....Franchize, how did i get a shout-out in that post?

I like our old dudes, but i know they shouldn't be sniffing major minutes or a starting role.

They're good enough to be backups, just have to make sure our starters are handling their, so the roles won't get mixed.

post # 61 Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread
20 minutes isnt major minutes.

If the starters handle theirs it might be even less on occasion.

I'm still waiting for the quote where Kidd wants to start.

post # 64 You know why I don't complain about the bench?

Because the salary cap is tied into three players.

That's why I say the starters need to handle theirs.

These guys are paid like champions, so go out there.

You can't have it both ways.

post # 151 I was surprised that Kidd started.

Now these two is a #103 in preseason....

Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread
Team completely fell in love with the three as if the ghost of D'antoni were present.

I'm assuming this was Woodson letting the players figure it out game.

Hope he saw enough.

post # 317 after the Rockets game......

It's a figure of speech.

It means when you're pissed to the point you would do the unthinkable.


There were alot of moments in that game that left me pissed, and others, and it's been brewing for a minute.

Now that it's a new day I can talk about them.....

1) Quit crying about fouls, Melo. Getting techs and watching your man run back and dunk is not helping the problem.

2) The defense has not been there all season on the road. Other than the win against the Spurs, the rest have not been impressive...they were the favorite....and still didn't bring it all game like they do at home.

3) Time to scrap the small ball, teams aren't adjusting anymore, they keep their big in the game and torch our frontcourt.

4) The team is showing a sign of lack of composure when they are down, and i think it's because they think they are better than what they are.

5) Play to win every game, although it's not realistic to expect you will. Right now the team expects to win.

The Knicks are been figured out by teams now, they know how to beat us.

That cannot continue to happen.
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