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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
So these are the guys I came up with os far:

Andray Blatche Never gonna happen
DeJuan Blair Never gonna happen
Charles Jenkins Possible doesnt play
Sebastian Telfair Immediate back up doubt he goes
Dante Cunningham I dont know if they do it unless Love and AK are back but I wouldnt mind having him
Ivan Johnson Possible doesnt play
Brian Roberts Possible doesnt play
Aaron Brooks Plays for the Raiders (possible doesnt play)
Lance Stephenson Never gonna happen
CJ Miles If they dump him but I doubt it
Cartier Martin Injured
Mike Dunleavy Jr Never gonna happen
Brandan Wright Highly unlikely
Vince Carter Too soft for the market
Jodie Meeks Highly unlikely
Some of these guys I like but the Nets arent doing a deal with the Knicks.
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