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Default Re: Do top high school players get free sneakers??

I know this asks about top high school kids, but we got team shoes for free in high school. It was during the early mid-2000's when Shox were the "cool" shoe. We just got a pair of whatever was that year's shoe. Had a whole closet full of them so if/when you wore a shoe or pair out, you got another pair...for free. Some guys would go through 3 or 4 pairs in a season. I just assumed that was the norm for most high schools. I did play on an AAU team a few years and got some free shoes that way.

When I got to college, I used to hangout with some of the players on the basketball team, and they had a shitload of basketball shoes in their closet. I'm talking 10-20 pairs they accumulated over their high school years. Some of the ones I hungout with the most actually gave me a pair for free.

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