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Default Re: Official Super Bowl Game Thread - Baltimore vs. SF

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron
He's got the ability:

At his best, his combination of ballhawking and coverage skills, instincts, anticipation, physical agility and film study have put him up there as arguably the greatest safety of all-time. Before injuries started taking their toll, he could really crack like all hell too. Of course, he won his DPOY playing SS.

He's got the numbers:

647 TKL - 69 INT - 1703 INT Yards - 8 INT TD - 155 PDEF - 31 STF - 11 FF
* Including post-season

He's got the accolades:

* Defensive Player of the Year
* 5x All-Pro 1st Team
* 3x All-Pro 2nd Team
* 9x Pro-Bowl

He's got and has done just about everything.. 8 picks in the playoffs with one short of breaking into that three-way tie for first, 1st all-time in INT return yards, top 10 in career INTs (and it ain't luck), touchdowns in every which way imaginable (you know the records). He checks all the boxes of an individual legend and he's about to become an all-time winner in his home state.

Oh, right on the money. Make it nine.
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