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Default Re: A look at Nets trade assets

-Hump - $12m expirer next season before summer 2014.. large enough so a team under the tax can match a max contract.
-M.Brooks - so much talent left to be tapped
-T.Taylor - Orlando SL MVP, rated higher than Lillard by Ford at the draft, 25/9 in the D.League
-Toko - another beast in the D.League who is simply too young to play on a win now team
-All our 1st rounders going forward
-Rights to Bojan Bogdanovic - high end SG/Sf prospect overseas
-Right to Karaman - PF/C bruiser type.. with 3 point range.
-Ability to take back as much salary in trade
-2 Small TPEs from the Wallace trade

We have plenty of assets.. and pretty much all of them go up in value next season, which is why I'm not opposed to waiting.
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