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Default Re: I hate stupid parents

Originally Posted by shlver
Do you have any evidence showing thiomersal is toxic in the dose administered with the vaccine?

- Only the Millions of Parents who are in court/taking a stand vs the FDA...

- and the scientific community who says it caused Nuerological damages in Monkeys...

- as far as a Long term side effect in small dosages on a Newborn Child or Toddler? I do not.

Both methylmercury and inorganic mercury are listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as toxic substances responsible for causing neurological problems, brain disorders, nervous system illnesses, gastrointestinal problems, kidney failure, respiratory illness, and death

Learn more: 4E6

but me personally...I'm gonna roll with my common sense....and not willingly inject it into a bay/little kid....
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