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Default Re: I hate stupid parents

Originally Posted by shlver
And why is that number so concentrated with people that are already have an existing illness or weakened immune system? Because we do not have massive outbreaks amongst the other high risk population. Young children who have not developed a strong immunity are high risk in a dangerous environment. People not getting vaccinations leads to a drop in herd immunity which could cause significant outbreaks to occur. As more outbreaks occur, there is more chance of mutations resulting in lack of or new biomarkers.

- why is what number?....the 36,000?...with 65 and older bieng the most threatened?

- because at 65 years matter what most of us are not going to live much longer....65 years old and most of our Body's will be ready to pass on....has nothing to do with Immune sytsem.....just bieng old ...

- one day we will all die....I know at 65 my body will not be able to fight off sickness like it did when I was 25.

But eating healthy and drinking clean water my whole much more of a factor on my immune sytem then getting a Flu shot.

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