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Default Re: Has there ever been a starting lineup as flawlessly built as the current lakers?

Originally Posted by rule1223
Dangerous outside shooting with best shooting point guard in the history of the nba and most unstoppable midrange shooter the game has ever seen, combined with gasol improved 3 point game and pure midrange and MWPs hotstreaks.

Dominant inside game with the most dynamic front court in the nba when motivated. Best offensive centre in the nba in bynum and top 5 pf in gasol when he tries and the strongest post up 3 in MWP.

Lockdown perimeter defense with perennial all first team defender kobe, one of the best charge takers in the league in nash and the only player with maybe the exception of melo that lebron wouldnt be able to beat on brute strength.

Best rim protection in the league with the huge wingspans of teh twin towers, not a single easy layup will be give against this starting line up.

I expect this laker starting lineup to outscore the opposing team sans maybe okc and the heat by double digits in the first quarter of every game, if the lakers can get the bench to even a mediocore status, i think anyone in their right mind would have them as the favorites for the nba championship, even against the improved heat.


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