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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
How is he leading the team ? Teodosic had 20 and 7 in this game and is 4th best scorer and 3rd in asists in top 16 so he is clearly playing better and there are Krstic and Khryapa who are also better than Weems . Look at index rating for this game and you will se that he didn't play that well , he is lucky Teodosic created some easy dunks for him or he would have had a bad game .

He isn't. Like I keep telling you, gabepizza is a troll. Besides that, he just looks at box scores and never watches a game. He's probably never even seen Weems play.

Weems is really athletic, a really good dunker, and he's a really good jump shooter. He's also a decent passer. But he's in no way in hell leading CSKA.

Teodosic, Khryapa, Krstic, and Kaun are all better players than he is on that team. He's the 5th best player on CSKA.

But to a troll like gabepizza that is an NBA only fan, and never watches these games anyway, that is "leading CSKA"..............

Remember this is the same guy that claimed Josh Childress and Ricky Rubio dominated in Euroleague.
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