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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Yesterday was a victory in the top 16 and Weems was 2nd in his team in points with 19 while Teodosic had the most with only 1 more point. Weems had almost a quarter of his teams points in a 17 point blowout of one of the top Euroleague teams. Weems and Micov are basically the two only additions of a team that lost last years MVP and DPOY not to mention another player who is now an NBA rotation player. If CSKA is again a top team this year, with Weem leading them in ppg and being 2nd in mpg, he will get the recognition he deserves I believe.

You are an idiot. Kirilenko has never been that good of an offensive player and he wasn't last year either.

Weems just basically does nothing but shoot open jump shots or dunk the ball.

Neither one of those players has anything to do with leading CSKA on offense the last two years.

You clearly have some kind of mental disorder.
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