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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

This is the same thing over and over. Kirilenko was league MVP and DPOY so not only was he the best player on CSKA he was the best player in the league.

As for Sonny Weems, this is the same discussion I have with FIBA basketball. If a player for one game leads the team in points you can say he got all open shots and lay-ups because of his teammates. If a player leads the team in scoring for the season than he is a team leader. You see, while maybe not on the level of the NBA, Euroleague teams have scouts and coaches too who work. They scout their opponents and will try to stop or at least slow a team's leading scorer.

And I did watch the game. Yes Weems finished lots of great passes but also passed to his teammate for his 4 assists. He was a major component of a team that just eviscerated Panathinaikos.
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