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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Who said offense? Kirilenko was the league MVP and DPOY so he definitely was a top player on CSKA. Weems is leading the team in scoring so he is also one of the leaders of the team. Other teams actually have coaches and scouts too and they will actually try to play defense against a team's top scorer they are not retarded like you.

You keep using this word "leading" or "lead"............

Kirilenko and Weems have never been "leading" or "lead" any pro team. That implies the player that runs or heads the offense of the team.

That would actually be Teodosic and somewhat also Khryapa, and last year Siskauskas. But mainly Teodosic. Certainly NOTHING to do with either Kirilenko or Weems.

But you say this like "lead the team to the final", "leads the team through the top 16", etc.............

You try to make it sound like a guy standing at the 3 point line on offense "lead his team" to whatever.

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