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Default Re: Blake, Duhon, Morris......Rank them.

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Blake, duhon, then Morris.

Blake has shown his commitment to defending some of the quickest guards, and he's come away successful many times. His outside shooting is more consistent than the other two, and his iq is pretty good. Duhon is a good passer and has had some games this year where he came away with 10 assists. His defense and outside shooting aren't reliable which is what puts Blake above him. D-mo is a very athletic youngin with amazing ball handling abilities. His iq needs improvement and so does his outside shot. He's still raw anyways and would be better off ranked next season and not this one. So right now he's number three.

Ok, I hear what you're saying, good points.

Let me add that Blake's FG% and 3pt% are his highest since he joined the Lakers, his 3pt% of .415 is solid......and long overdue.

I'm not the least bit impressed with his ball handling or composure under pressure.

You give Blake credit for defense, this is the only part I really disagree with.
He doesn't have the speed to stay with guys, doesn't have the will or muscle to body-up a guy, he doesn't close out well on shooters and doesn't know how to or is unwilling to take a charge. He cannot jump, so he cannot change a shot or make it difficult because he doesn't close out. These factors make him a poor defender.
DFish, before age hit him, lacked in some of these areas but where he excelled was being able to body-up, close out on a shooter and take a charge.....this made him a very good.....not great defender.
I know the NBA is trying to eliminate flopping, but taking a charge is still legal, it's pathetic to now see guys running away and letting guys dunk at full speed from the 3pt line instead of getting in front and at least making a guy change direction. This is the part of the soft ass NBA that I am hating....remember I'm used to old school ball where there were no flagrant fouls and no BS restricted arc under the basket. Taking charges can change a game as much as shot blocking....maybe more because if done properly it puts guys like Blake Griffin in foul trouble and makes them hesitant to drive.

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