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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I don't know what happened for this team to look as confused as they did yesterday. Perhaps playing a loaded clippers team truly exposed the lakers and almost every deficiency they have. Perhaps it's just not right to think that this season is revivable in any sense of the word.

its the recent BS system they have....where our

SG is passing
PG is shooting
Center who doesnt play defense/rebound
a SF who doesnt defend sh!t, thinks he is magic johnson on offense
a PF who started to get playing time right now

a pg off the bench who can create shots for others
a scrub off the bench who is either hot or just garbage
a pf who is good cutting but cant play defense if his life is depended on it

our rotation who is fcuking as hell...dont know why both nash/kobe are both sitting on the bench to start the 4th and are on bench 4mins into the 4th

where the fcuk there is no energy, passion, hustle in this team? i have been saying this since Phil's last year....
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