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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
Thats why you need to watch games to see how good someone is and not to watch the stats .

If you counted the assits in Europe the sam way you do in NBA Teodosic would have around 10 assists but Weems would still have 2 or maybe 3 because only time Weems passes is when he can get an assists in othere words when his teammate is wide open .

And Teodosic doesn't have over 3 tpg he averages 2.9 I think

:25 nice pass by Weems.

Also how about the block by Farmar?

Reminds Llull that he is not being guarded by some unathletic Euroleague guard like Spanoulis but by "Michael" Jordan Farmar!
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