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Default Re: 2012-13 regular season!

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
Can't see why anyone takes on Humphries contract unless it is to send a worse contract away.
It's an easy trade for Charlotte since Gordon is being a pain in the ass and they want to trade him. Still Biyombo has been on a bit of a rebounding/blocking tear lately, so Humpries would probably have the same thing happen to him that's happening in Brooklyn, which is there's a player on a much cheaper contract ahead of him doing the one thing he does well better than him (Evans in Brooklyn right now).

Dunno about Gortat. Wasn't he whinging about the lack of touches in Phoenix? I'm sure he'll love giving up time and touches to Kanter and Favors. Don't like the Splitter/Mills deal either, Splits is a decent backup, but Mills isn't good enough to be a starter and i'd still play Tinsley ahead of him at the moment.
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