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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by dd24
I don't think you build around any one person unless they're Durant, Kobe, or Lebron. If you trade Howard for a guard, then you still need a big guy. For any team to win a championship they need a big time guard and a solid big guy. Howard is about as solid as they come. Getting a guy like James Harden makes no sense to me. He's not a guy that is going to lead a team to a championship. If he was that great OKC would've let Russell Westbrook go and they would've kept Harden. He wasn't even a starter on that team. Besides, the Lakers have Kobe. They play the same position. Kobe will be around for a few years. There's no reason to address the SG position until Kobe retires.

If the Lakers were to trade Howard it would be for another servicable big, and draft picks. They definitely wouldn't be getting equal value in the trade. I don't think trading Howard is the answer. I think he's about as good of a 2nd scoring option as you can have for a championship caliber team. He'll never be that #1 option because he can't shoot a free throw, so he needs someone like Kobe around to finish games. That Magic team that went to the finals was not as talented as this Lakers team. That tells me there's far more going on here.

nba is moving away from the big guy thing...who did miami had to get the chip...they had ZERO RIM PROTECTION

we have Pau Gasol...who is exceptional playing in the post and making plays...

we got Howard to tutor under kobe....we can do the same thing with Harden....Remember superstars are not made in a day...I fully expect him to be one....

tell me who is the serviceable big u talk about???

NBA is becoming perimeter oriented and the better we adapt to would be much better

we still would have a max cap next summer to sign a contract like Lebron/Melo
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