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Default Re: Would Ben Gordon help the Nets?

it's the attitude thing that scares me more than anything else. of course, i don't recall gordon having a history of this stuff.

still, we need LEADERS as much as we do talent. this team is professional-enough to beat the weak teams, but doesn't seem to have the fire or team spirit to go much further.

on that note, i liked what reiter just said about the lakers vs. heat dynamic:
This shouldn’t be rocket science, true, but the NBA and sports in general aren’t all that different than life. We get tempted by the sexy and easy choices — by the thrills that seem to break the monotony — without always getting down to the gritty details of whether or not the alluring will work, or last, or bring us the joy we think will follow so easily.

It’s true in marriage. True in work. True in relationships. True in following our dreams or trying to lead a simple, happy, easy life.


The Miami Heat wanted to be together. Wade and LeBron are close, legitimate friends. There’s an ease they bring out in one another, a refuge they can offer the other when storms (sometimes of their own making) wreak havoc on their season and spirits. Chris Bosh also has a camaraderie with those two guys that make the Big Three as much a social group as a basketball force.


The Lakers’ most important players this season are not universally loathed . . . other than in their own locker room. Let’s stop playing pretend. Kobe can’t stand Dwight. Dwight can’t stand Kobe. They snipe at each other in the press. They have their media surrogates (Kobe) and their loved ones (cue Dwight’s dad) point the finger of blame at the other. They’re as dysfunctional toward each other as the Heat were two years ago toward everyone else.
that first part sounds so simplistic and cliched, but GM's keep overlooking that basic principle and putting together teams that underachieve.

i just don't want this asshole (dwight) at this point. i don't want anyone with a lousy attitude. i want the reverse. and no more people named "williams." something always goes wrong with that!
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