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Default Re: Bold Prediction: Tony Parkers gets MVP this year

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Yea, but there's no argument for Duncan. I'm not trying to be all sure of my opinion, but there is no argument. It's like someone trying to argue Griffin on your team. There's no argument. Parker has been better than Duncan every step of the way. Duncan is the beneficiary of Parker much more than Parker is of Duncan. He's an anchor but he's not Gasol or Noah this year. Parker is their #1 playmaker and he runs their offense. Duncan still gets some assists abut the offense doesn't begin to go thru him. It all goes thru Parker. He's their guy throughout the game. He's their guy down the stretch of games. When Manu is on the floor with Parker, Duncan becomes the 3rd guy.

And, just as with Paul, Duncan has missed 12 games. You say that Parker is not that important to the Spurs...not to suggest this about Duncan, but the Spurs are 10-2 without him.

It's not close. And again, Paul could have an argument over Parker if he was playing every game. But he's missed 12 and that makes it just about impossible to argue him over Parker.

Kenny Smith says Parker is the 3rd best player in the NBA this year. Despite not picking him for the all-star team, Charles has talked about Parker being even better this year...and last year Barkley had him as the 3rd best player in the NBA. And Chuck, despite his dislike for our teams, is as good an analyst as there is. There have been people talking about Parker having the better season. No one argues Parker being a better player than Paul. Paul is the best PG in basketball.

12 games doesn't disqualify you...but it's 12 games so far. So far that matters a lot. You couldn't argue that Paul is playing way better than Parker. So 12 games is a big deal.

And again, Duncan is only more valuable to the Spurs in that he is Tim Duncan and he's the heart of the team. On the floor there is no argument for him being as important, as valuable, for having the impact that Parker has. Parker is much better, at this point.

So let me verify. CP3 was 3rd in the MVP race all year long.. misses 12 games and now Parker>>>>>>CP3 in the MVP race with CP3 having zero case just because he missed games, although he's still eligible? ... just making sure I'm not misunderstanding you. Using Kenny and Charles as your argument is about the most ignorant thing you can do considering they don't know shit about basketball. Everything they say is outdated and wrong for the most part and you should know that by now.

This isn't mentioning that the Clippers were a .500 team without CP3 and a 32-9 team WITH CP3 at the top of the NBA. What does "most valuable" mean in terms of sports to you? Define it.
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