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Default Re: Bold Prediction: Tony Parkers gets MVP this year

Personally the way I've always defined "MVP" is a combination of 3 things in this order priority wise.

1. How valuable you are to your team. (Steve Nash type MVP).

2. Individual talent/stats/superiority over all other players at your position, or being a top 5 player at the least in the NBA (Lebron James type MVP).

3. Being the best player on the team with a top 3 seed (Derrick Rose type MVP).

Tony Parker only meets one criteria and that's being on a top 3 team. He's not a top 5 player and the Spurs are just fine without him if need be. He doesn't have the stats of a D Rose, nor the impact on his team that the type 1 guys like Nash, CP3 have. Chris Paul on the other hand is the number 1 most valuable player to his team. Without him the Clippers offense and defense goes to shit. Chris Paul is also the 3rd best player in the game this year. Not to mention the Clippers still have a shot at a top 3 record and are a half game back of Miami right now of having that top 3 record, 1.5 games back of OKC, 4 games back of the Spurs.

CP3 meets all 3 criteria.
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