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Default Re: Bold Prediction: Tony Parkers gets MVP this year

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
You thought Parker was a better player than CP3 most this year ? Even worse than what I originally had you down for. As for Melo vs CP3 they definitely are debatable at 3 vs 4, bottom line is on all MVP boards I saw this year CP3 was number 3. I didn't say 12 games missed doesn't close the gap some but over an 82 game season, GTFO.

I think Parker is somewhere around 5 or 6 on the MVP board. Which is still fantastic and he's having a year worth praising. Lebron, Durant, CP3 and Melo are the top 4 and have been all year. You saying Barkley and Kenny are knowledgeable is downright laughable, especially after admitting you know the garbage they spew about the Knicks. Both guys constantly repeat outdated information about teams, have strong bias against Clippers+Knicks, strong favoritism towards Grizzlies+Heat etc.

I don't give a rats ass if they played or not, they fail to do a good job staying up on current, updated facts. If you want to hear knowledge listen to guys like Steve Smith or Greg Anthony who I have yet to hear spew bullshit like Kenny and Barkley. Not saying they are never wrong but when they talk about each team you can tell they are far, far... far more up to date and aren't talking out of their asses. The TNT and ESPN crews have become straight trash in terms of their knowledge of the game. NBA TV guys never give such failure analysis that I've seen.

I promise you couldn't be any more wrong on Barkley and Smith. It's stupid for you to think that way. Didn't Barkley predict Dallas winning? How many decades ago was this? Didn't he call all that LeBron had to do for the Heat to win last year? He doesn't give you legitimate basketball stuff?

What do you want? A guy to sit there and Dennis Scott you about shit than anybody can see? If you listen to them talk and you don't get anything out of it, then you're only limiting yourself in what you can learn. Every time they talk about anything, they go into it and they give you shit worth hearing and considering. They talk BASKETBALL and not just numbers and predictions. And they're usually still pretty solid with the latter, especially Charles.

The worst you could say about his bias is that he sticks to something a little too long...all that really means is he wants to see it and he's not down for predicting what will happen. And when he's wrong, he's usually right about something.

And on the 12 games're saying over 82 games blah blah. Well sure, over 82 games. You want me to project his missed time over 82 games? No, because who knows what happens the rest of the year. I said, repeatedly, to this point in the season. To this point in the season, he's missed more than 20% of the season. It's relevant for now. We'll see how it plays out over a full schedule. As long as he plays 70 games (which he's at now) then the games missed isn't too big a deal. But, just like either one could go up or down the rest of the year, guys can miss time the rest of the year. Paul could miss even more games, and Parker could end up missing more games than Paul does. Anything can happen. But, right now, Parker has certainly been better. And believe me, there's nothing ridiculous in arguing that Parker has been better while they've been on the court. It could even be wrong, but not ridiculous.

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