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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
superstars and leaders are NOT made in an year.....he has the edge....give him time and he will be there under Kobe....

atleast I would put money on him then on howard atleast now

I'm not trying to take anything away from his game. He is one of the leagues best SG's. He's in his 3rd season though. We knew Kobe, Lebron, and Durant were superstars in that time frame. His stats this year are a bit inflated because of the team he is on. I think you use the term superstar too loosely. I disagree with all the handing out of max contracts teams do. Joe Johnson was every bit as good when he got his max deal. Look how that's turned out. He's not a superstar, he's an all-star. I would say there's around 10 or less guys in the league who deserve a max deal. Outside of that, there's all-stars that you would like to have around them. Harden isn't one of those superstars you build around. He's a piece to a team.

I guess what really gets me with the whole a team can build around Harden thing is SG is the last position any team would ever build around. In the last 20 years what teams that have won championships were built around that position? It's really just Kobe and Jordan. Harden isn't close to being on their level. One could make a debate for Wade in 06, but that was really more Shaq while he still had something left in the tank. Ray Allen will be a first ballot hall of famer, and there was never a championship team built around him. He was a piece on one, maybe even another this but he's never the guy you would build around. You build around big men, or possibly a special PG. A good big man is probably the hardest thing in the NBA to get, so you have to keep them around. Hypothetically, if I was a team that misses the playoffs and is in the lottery I'd much rather have a good big man on my team already than a good SG. You can go out and draft a guard any year. Good big guys are much harder to find.

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