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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by dd24
Harden is an all-star and will continue to be. He's not a superstar and will never be. He's not the guy to lead a team to a championship. That's just crazy talk. That's not to say he couldn't be part of a championship team some day. He's just not that go to guy. He proved that last year.

The servicable big question isn't one I necessarily have an answer to. It would really depend on who the Lakers are talking about trades with. If it's the Nets it has to be Brook Lopez for example. Other than that I'm just not sure the Nets have the pieces to get that trade done..... anyway, I haven't really thought about it too much.

I would highly doubt Lebron would come to LA. After the whole decision thing could you imagine what the world would do if he decided to join the Lakers. He'd be criticized even more for that. Miami will have to break up their big 3 though.

Speaking of that and how you think they lack size.... they have Chris Bosh and Lebron James. They have a ton of rim protection. They play the best team defense in the NBA in my opinion. Bosh is a guy I would take over Gasol right now. He's been underrated since he's joined Miami. While he isn't a superstar caliber player like Lebron or Wade, he is an all-star big man. Pair that with Lebron and they have more than enough fire power down low. It obviously has worked against teams with big front lines like OKC....

I agree with you across the board on this. I like Harden but he reminds me of when Ben Gordon was supposed to be the next big thing......or when Joe Johnson was supposed to be the next big thing........not to mention the "Can't win a playoff game" T-Mac.......well Harden is not as good as T-Mac was.
He's a helluva #2 or #3 type guy.....not a #1......just like Dwight.

NBA is moving away from the Big Man's game and it is a terrible mistake. A team with the right bigs (Tough & Skilled), running an old school post up offense would still dominate the league, in fact it would be easy. I mentioned in another thread that the Lakers won a championship while averaging 114 points per game.....yet only made 8, 3 pointers the entire season. You don't have to jack up crazy 3's to score big. I think Stern has ruined the game by encouraging this dumb style of basketball. An old school coach like Phil, Pop, Adelman or Sloan would dominate the league with this current Lakers roster if healthy. No frills, no crazy 3's and no crap ball.
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