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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I don't think he thinks it's funny, I just think he doesn't know how to react to the situation.......I could be completely wrong......and I sure as hell don't like the smile but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.....some guys care but they are just geared like I think he is.

I should have typed something. I left it too short.

I feel as if that smiling simplifies the issue here. Howard doesn't know how to deal with losing. Coming from somebody competitive like me, I would not find ANYTHING funny for at least 6 hours after getting completely destroyed and my manhood obliterated like that by another person. I would be ashamed, embarrassed, pissed, cold, out of my mind.

If we are to move forward successfully as an organization and Kobe is to pass the reins to this young stud, he must embrace it. Take it. Make use of his athletic superiority to dominate everyone out there undersized. As dd24 mentioned above, this league is starting to downsize. More stock is put into speed, less length, 3pt shot, etc. Who can match Dwight's strength, length, athletic prowess? If Dwight puts his mind to it, he can dominate every coach out there who puts focus in run&gun full-court nonsense systems.

No more nonsense. Dwight must change his role a bit. Walk away with your head down after a lose. Don't stand there joking and smiling with opposition. Those days are over. It's time for Superman to return. Put the hearts out of everyone and anyone that stands in the way. You can be Clark Kent the jokester behind the scenes, but on the court You Are Superman.
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