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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by Euroleague
You really are retarded. First, that's not Llull. It's Sergio Rodriguez, which proves TWO LIES from you. First, you claim to watch these Euroleague games and know the players. Lie proven.

Second, you claim to be a Knicks fan. Lie proven. Sergio Rodriguez played with the Knicks and yet you don't even know who he is. You are NOT a Knicks fan.

Finally, your statement is so ridiculous, considering that Sergio Llull is a hell of a lot more athletic than Jordan Farmar is.

So, you are proven to not even be a Knicks fan, like you claimed. No surprise, as you have been wrong on things about Jeff Van Gundy, Mirsad Turkan, Fred Weiss, Fabricio Oberto, Marcus Camby, all things related to the Knicks and you knew nothing about it.

I'm saying there is a reason why Llull is scared of coming to the NBA. If a back-up NBA pg like Farmer can stuff his 3 point attempt like that, imagine if he came to the NBA and played against NBA level starting pgs? He would struggle just to get his shot off.
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