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Default Re: Question about homosexuality

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
So the other day, I was hanging out with a couple of friends looking for movies to watch at a cheap run down video store. One of the girls said, "Hey let's watch Brokeback Mountain." I told her, "Let's not." Then girl #2 blurted out the most assinine thing you can say to a man, "What are you gay." I said, "Of course I'm not gay, I prefer women." Then she throws out that one line that was probably made up by some fat gay activist dude sitting at home on his computer trying to come up with slogans to mindf*ck straight men into thinking they are gay.

"If you are so confident with your sexuality, then you would have no problem watching this movie. By not watching this movie, you are fearful you might be gay and thus somewhere within you there is a f*ggot waiting to come out." *end rant

Don't you hate it when someone thinks you're "insecure with your sexuality" for not wanting to watch the movie Brokeback Mountain?

Well, the question I have is: if I really was secure in my sexuality, then why would I need to PROVE it by watching the movie in the first place? I know for a fact I would never watch the movie, wear pink, and talk on the phone with another dude for more than 5 mins. I don't need to do any of that stuff to prove my manhood. I don't do it because I don't have any desire to do it. That should be enough to prove I'm pretty secure. Ok so I don't want to watch two dudes making out and spooning each other while I'm out on a friday night eating popcorn.

Does that make me gay. I mean what are your thoughts on this. I know some of you truly believe what the girl is saying. Explain your reasons. Thanks.

I think the bigger question is why you decided to turn to the internet to validated something about your personality when you probably could have asked your real friends?
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