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If there were any possibility that James would come to LA, the Lakers would definitely make the required moves to free up cap space. Another thing to be taken into consideration is the fact that Lebrons Nike contrac t doubles if he comes to LA. He knows that and so does his agent, so he could play in LA and even with a pay cut he would still make more money then he would with another team offering him the maximum. On top of that, KG may be available via trade, according to the new rumors. When this thread was started it was about possibility but it looks like theres is definitely a chance of this materializing, although it is a little premature. I still think that if it did take place, this would be the biggest dynasty in NBA history and it would definitely say something that the greatest team comprised of arguably three of the greatest players, accompished all of this while making the jump straight from high school. The age limit is ridiculous and I think that this team would be the greatest representation of that.
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