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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Having height and size is always a physical advantage and that will never change in basketball. Of course skill is the #1 attribute you want, if you have skill and size that gets you an edge on the competition. Sure big men need to shoot outside more today than they ever have. And absolutely the rules have changed, so I agree with those points. But to say there aren't big men at all in the NBA anymore just isn't right. I think if we looked at rosters from 70's & 80's the heights and sizes of players at their respective positions is pretty close to the same as it is today. Their skill sets may be slightly different, but I think it's still important for a team to have a guy who has a back to the basket game. That's how these teams get through the playoffs. You have to have people who can get close easy shots in the paint. That's the difference in these games that are often decided by just a few points.
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