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Default Re: Top 10 attendence for Euroleague so far this year

Originally Posted by gabepizza
I really have no idea what you are talking about. So Euroleague only records tickets sold? So there are thousands of more fans in attendance who didn't pay for tickets and got in for free?

NBA counts attendance as tickets sold, even if the person isn't in attendance they get counted.

They don't do that in Europe. It's probably a difference in laws or something.

But tickets sold are NOT counted in Europe, unless they are at the game. And yes, you can be in the game for free, but they don't count it in the number.

Let me put it this way, Panathinaikos had over 14,000 season tickets sold this year. In NBA terms, they would have a minimum of 14,000 attendance in every single game. Now compare that to what is listed by Euroleague.

Hopefully you can grasp the difference. They don't even count season tickets as tickets sold.

In game attendance isn't counted unless you have a ticket sold for THAT SPECIFIC GAME. Not even season tickets get counted.

At least this is definitely how it is done in the Balkans bigger teams like PAO, Olympiacos, PAOK, Aris.....

There are often 10,000 fans at a PAOK game and it is counted as 8,000. Often 6,000 fans at an Aris game and it is counted as 5,000. There are often 14,000 to 16,000 at an Olympiacos game and they count is as 11,000 to 12,000.

There are often 8,000 at a game of Red Star or Partizan and it is counted as 7,000. There have been games of Partizan (when they play at Belgrade Arena) and Panathinaikos that had well over 20,000 attendance and they didn't count it as that.

Panathinaikos had 23,000 attendance last year in the last game of the playoffs against Maccabi and they listed it as 18,000. Because only 18,000 people bought a specific ticket for that specific game, and showed up at the arena. But 23,000 were in attendance. In the NBA, they would list it as 23,000.

Another comparison, as I said not counting season tickets. If there are 5,000 in attendance at a PAO game, they list it at 5,000. But they had 14,000 season tickets sold. The NBA would list the attendance at 14,000.

So when you compare these numbers to NBA attendance, which is obviously what you are doing, just try to keep these things in mind. Obviously the NBA has higher attendance overall, but the gap is not nearly as big as you think it is. Basically, the NBA counts it as to maximize their numbers, while they are not doing so in Europe.

I guess maybe the difference would be that an NBA team would not allow 5,000 fans into a game for free. But they do this often in Turkey, Greece, Serbia.........think about it. If it is a big multi sports club then they have people coming from other games. It's common for example to allow someone who has a ticket to the football (soccer) game to come into the basketball game also. Since it is the same sports club.

So for an important game, or a game that overlaps both sports that's hardly uncommon.

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