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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

PJ Hairston in the lineup has changed everything. EVERYTHING.

We should have beat the #2 team in arguably the toughest environment in college basketball if the bench provides anything (let's be real, they were a negative in almost every aspect), or we aren't unusually cold from the 3pt line, or even if we just shoot a respectable ft%.

Destroyed one of the best defensive teams in the country.

-He's the alpha this team has sorely missed all year.
-The spacing opens up huge lanes for McAdoo and Dex. I mean, Dex is playing really well on offense.
-We went from 3v5 to 5v5 on offense with a single player change.
-Pressure is off Bullock to be someone he's not. He's a great role player, not the alpha.

It's amazing that we have been keeping the leading scorer on the bench.

PJ needs to focus a little bit more on defense (tends to help off way too much), but he still comes up with highlight blocks, can box out anyone with his strength, and might be the best at taking charges on this team.

Oh, and Joe Harris can ball. He's going to be a good NBA player and I'm not even sure if he's on the radar. Love his game and that's twice he's killed anyone we put on him.
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