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So I'm getting a p good start to last Saturday... slept in, poptart on hand and scrolling through Reddit while listening to As I shift through the amusing, adorable, hilarious, and WTF parts of Reddit curiousity got the better of me and I decided to check out the /r/FiftyFifty kids at school be talking about.

Hmm first one Women being fcked by Chainsaw(Not Safe for Life) or An Amazing Perspective of our Universe. I thought it would be worth the risk my internet has been slow the past couple days and if it turns out to be the bad one I could just exit quickly before the pic fully loads. Big mistake, but I'm not traumatized enough yet to call it quits so soon.

Moving on, I proceeded to pics of gross hemmoroids, nasty tentacle p0rn, and a gif of the famous beheading acts done by the mexican drug cartel.

The aftereffects of the subreddit was being put into a depressive slumber for days. Afterwards I joined a support group for recovering fifty-fifty viewers( Hi I'm SPK and I've been in fifty fifty shock for a week now...)

Moral of the story: Life is better without /r/fifty

2. Life is better with artsy tumblr gifs of adorable felines

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