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Default Re: The Harlem Shake

Originally Posted by B-Low
Yeah they should just call it Spaz Attack or somethin. Not quite Harlem Shakin at all.

It reminds me of when white people got ahold of "bling" and started using it completely wrong. "Wow, look at her new hair! She's bling bling!"
Originally Posted by Bucket_Nakedz
this is what pisses me off about white folks, they always gotta take something. and whats worst, is black people are doing the same retarded bullshit and forgot they originated it. bunch of house nigguhs
Originally Posted by ace23
I wonder if white folks doing these vids know what the original Harlem shake is.
Originally Posted by Just2McFly
Welcome to Earth, lol.
Originally Posted by hateraid
White folk should never catch on to trendy dances.

Remember the c-walk?

Not even Kate Upton could make the dougie look cool
wtf you guys are kf* retarted why your make it a bout a fk** race ?? no one that makes these videos are thinkng about fk** black opeoples you fk** stupid retarts this is the only forum i ever eseen that keeps talking about a fk race!!! i sware to fk** god that these forum is the most racest forum ive seen ever!!!
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